Breaking barriers...achieving outcomes







I was struggling in my job and on the recommendation of one of my friends, approached Monica. She listened to me, the kind of roadblocks I was facing in my work. After doing just 2 sessions, my mind started opening towards newer possibilities, I started thinking about changing some of the old patterns which I was following at work. We continued the process, and coaching became a spiral outward for me, it generated new possibilities and commitment to action. Thank you Monica for helping me feel confident and improve my performance at work.  
- Nadia R, USA

I was worried about taking on higher job responsibilities. Monica helped me take on the new role and the associated responsibilities with much ease, and I really look forward to my new job role now.
- Shruti V, India

I don’t think I would have felt as positively about myself, without Monica’s support. Prior to the coaching sessions with her, I was having trouble managing my team’s expectations. She helped me see my behaviours, helped me put things in perspective, and align myself with my team. I am so glad that the team dynamics are so much better now.
- Samantha G, United Kingdom

I have been struggling with my jobs, my life on the whole. Whatever I tried to start working on, somehow, got left in between. I attended the training program ‘Unleash the Power’ via Skype with Monica. She was brilliant in conducting it. It helped me clear so many doubts about myself, gave me a new direction in life and the necessary tools to move ahead. I feel so confident, the belief which I had lost in myself and my capabilities is back now. Thank you for conducting this program.
- Vishesh S, India

A friend of mine referred me to Monica. I was having a difficult time in choosing the right career for myself. I wanted to do so many things, because of which I was unable to decide what I really wanted to do. Every time I was picking up the jobs which I felt would interest me, only to realise that they were not for me. Monica helped me find what I was really looking for. Have already found that job, and have started working. I am feeling very happy. Thank you Monica.
- Sandra C, United Kingdom

I had been in an abusive relationship for many years, but was very confused - did not know what to do – whether to stay in that, or move on. I got Monica’s reference through a friend. I was a little hesitant initially, however, discussed the situation with her. What I liked most during the sessions was that she listened to everything with great patience, did not impose any of her thoughts on me, and somehow the whole process worked in such a way, that I started getting a lot of clarity, and could take a good decision. I now feel so much lighter and happier.
- Ananya P, India

My child has learning difficulties. Monica helped me and my family through a coaching process, as we were very stressed out. She also helped me create a learning plan for my child, which I have started using now, and both me and my child feel a lot better and in control.
- Dino S, United Kingdom

I have had a decent life with fair share of disappointments and failures. I have had times when I felt that all my education is not worth anything and I am a total failure on health as I am grossly overweight with a BMI of 44. Health was a challenge I needed to take head on and have been failing in doing that for last 15 years.

I had heard a lot about NLP and its life changing experience. Having known Monica for the last 10 years, I was very excited to learn last year that she can coach on NLP. I picked up the phone and expressed my desire to go through the NLP program with her. Though time and distance were a huge constraint as I was in India and she is based out of United Kingdom, but we agreed on training over the internet and we worked out a schedule.

The real experience started when we started the sessions. I was not sure what to expect but as we walked along the beautiful journey with Monica, I see life differently. It has helped me resolve a lot of conflicts within me, cleared a lot of doubts I had about my decisions, it is helping me in making better choices in life and most of it - managing my health.

I have enjoyed the journey with Monica and am reaping the rewards of the journey.
- Garv G, India

I went to Monica as I was suffering from acute back pain for last few years. She was extremely patient in understanding my problem. I felt so relaxed after speaking to her; she has an amazing style of providing calm. She explained to me how almost everything in life emerges from the mind. After undergoing just three sessions, my pain reduced drastically, and now I can say that I am without that pain. She still texts me to check whether I am feeling alright. Thanks so much Monica.
- Megan J, United Kingdom